Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another sleepless night

This is becoming a trend! Once again sleep eludes me so I will reminisce about the day. Today was a typical Minnesota summer day, hot, muggy with lots of sunshine! It was a perfect day to spend in the water. With 10,000 lakes in the state we prefer the man made kind for swimming. I am privileged to care for 3 boys during the day. The oldest, Qwerty, is always coming up with new ideas. He loves computers, cooking and wii. Moe, the middle boy, loves action, Legos and swords. LG, (Little Guy) the youngest, is a happy, smiley baby who loves being with his big brothers. Moe is in Pirate camp this week with many of his friends so Qwerty, LG and I went to the local water hole for a dip. LG LOVED the water and spent 2 hours splashing and squealing with delight. Qwerty split his time playing with little bro and the slides. A perfect afternoon!

The evening was delightfully spent with my wonderful family! My brother and family are in town so my siblings and families met at my parents' abode for fun, food and laughter. I hope to brighten future posts with pictures but I am not know for remembering to take pictures!

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