Friday, July 3, 2009

Ice Age @ 100 degrees

Mornings are always fun with family,
even a bowl of cereal!
Every morning Wyatt would come down with a menagerie of toys,
Peter and I would spend time cuddling Icyle
and, of course,
get kisses whenever we could

Wyatt caught on to the kisses!
Amber would blog and I would try to keep up with her .

Every day we would wake up to temperatures in the 80's and it would quickly go up from there, every day was at least 100 degrees. So unless we were in water it was too warm to be out long. So this day we headed to the movie theater to watch the new flick Ice Age 3. We had learned from a previous movie experience with our other grandson, Emmett to forgo the 3D experience with 2 year olds (they don't keep the glasses on) Wyatt was enthralled anyway. With eyes glued to the screen he would slowly bring his piece of popcorn up to his mouth. He would ask, "Oh, no! What happening?" at the exciting parts. Icyle slept through her first movie experience, we, adults, laughed and laughed, so all in all it was a great movie experience for all.

For dinner we went to a burger and malt shop that Amber and Chris had wanted to try. The onion rings where WONDERFUL and everything else was good.

I had forgotten what an experience it was to eat out with a two year old,
Wyatt discovered that the pie tin that held the ketchup and mustard came out and his head fit perfectly through it. so Wyatt was our centerpiece though out our meal.

He even got his mom to fed him french fries and milk .
The days are passing quickly now so we treasure every moment!

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