Friday, August 14, 2009

Are You a Daddy?

I was grabbing my grandson, Emmett as he ran by me and throwing him over my shoulders, holding him by the ankles and pretending I couldn't find him. Then I would pretend to sit down on him and 'find' him. Of course the moment I put him down the game would start again. After a few time Emmett came up to me with excitement and asked, "Are you a daddy?" I laughed, I knew exactly what he was saying and was pleased that I had managed to cross into the PLAY ZONE. That fun, rough, play that daddies excel at, the play the kids long for and mommies don't usually have the time and energy for in their busy day. We played a few more rounds before I tagged Papa. I made it into the PLAY ZONE and I was exhausted!

We were watching the kids while my daughter-in-law Alyssa was putting the finally touches on the wedding flowers and then she went to deliver them. In the meantime Peter, the kids and I went to a garage sale where we picked up some cars and a monster track for Emmett. Eisley would try to get the cars as they came down the track. This was not the way Emmett wanted it to happen so we found some cars for Eisley to play with also.

Peter decided McDonald's was the lunch spot so we loaded the extra car seats in Peter's new car and took off.
Emmett was a little tired after all the fun we had!
Eisley was a little chow hound, she ate everything we put in front of her and when it was gone she rested her chin on the table, so cute!

We ended our morning adventure by taking a flying trip up to the place where Alyssa was delivering wedding flowers, she called when she had discovered she was missing the corsages. The kids fell asleep the moment we started the car! We enjoyed every minute!


  1. Love the pictures! Too bad they fell asleep for you but wouldn't fall asleep for me! Thanks again!

  2. Fun! I only wish we lived close enough for you to watch my kiddos too!