Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beautiful Summer Say

It was such a wonderfully, beautiful day yesterday and the boys I watch were into Legos. Moe wanted a batman cape for one of his Lego guys and kept asking me for architect paper. His dad is an architect so I thought maybe it was graph paper or the thin paper used for blue prints but I didn't know where any of that was. He was very insistent that I get some architect paper for him and frustrated that I was not complying. Finally his big brother, Qwerty, saw I was clueless! "Do you mean construction paper, Moe?" "Yeah, construction paper!"

After the cape was made I bribed the boys into a walk, stroller, scooter, bike ride around the lake. Little Guy was in a delightful mood (before he fell asleep) and was getting all sorts of attention and comments about what a happy baby he is. (A true statement) He just started squealing with delight and it is such a joyful sound it makes you laugh. Then came the hard part, the bribe was a treat at the store (we were going to pick up some needed groceries) but Qwerty decided it had to be Jelly Bellys. You know they are everywhere when you don't need them! We FINALLY found them at Target. (The Southdale Target has a nice assortment of them if you are a Jelly Belly fan!)

After LG's nap (and dinner prep) the boys' friends came by and we all went for a walk with their mom so I had some time of adult conversation!

The day was topped off with a soup and salad supper with some dear friends, SO FUN!