Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Grandkids are WONDREFUL! I have been blessed to spent quite a bit of time with all four of my fabulous grandchildren in the last month and my heart is full of love and laughter. Someone once told me a part of your heart is closed until your grandchildren come along and then it opens and expands with each new person. I can enjoy each smile, each stage, each accomplishment without the worries I had as a parent. I enjoy watching my children as parents, they and their spouses are doing a wonderful job in raising their children. But most of all I love when their eyes light up and their faces break into this wonderful smile when they see me!


  1. Yep... it's true... our kids love their gramma and papa!! I am so excited that I now have 2 free trips so that my kids will have a chance to get to know you even better!

  2. fun new background! and thanks again for being such a fabulous grandma and mother-in-law!